Judie Lyn Smith for Cook County Judge in the 5th Judicial Subcircuit
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About Judie

A self-described Servant Leader, Attorney Judie Lyn Smith brings 30-plus years of experience and expertise in the law, diversity management, and international commerce. Conversant in French, Japanese, and English, Judie has excellent communication skills that she utilizes as a Cook County assistant public defender when trying jury and bench trials; negotiating case outcomes; and interacting with judges, juries, and clients of every style and personality. Judie serves all her clients, no matter what

Now, with nearly 18 years as an assistant public defender serving the voiceless, underserved, and indigent accused, no matter what, Judie wants to become your judge to further extend her commitment to ensuring justice for all – all the time

“I’ve lived in Japan as an American lawyer and English teacher,” Judie explains.  She also credits her undergraduate studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, France as significant to her development.  “Living in two very different countries as a Black woman from Chicago’s South Side yielded insights into the concept of multicultural awareness,” she further elaborates.

Moreover, Judie believes her travels to Lagos, Nigeria and Tirana, Albania enhanced her appreciation of diversity.  Subsequently, she completed Northwestern University’s “Leading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” coursework. 

Further, Judie has also worked as a judicial clerk to two appellate-level judges, sole practitioner, and assistant appellate defender.  Understanding that all should have access to justice, she teaches criminal law and procedure to individuals seeking to become Illinois-court certified interpreters. 

Additionally, as an urban farmer, she farms at two community garden plots located within the fifth judicial sub-circuit.  Judie donates her farming skills, time, organic seeds, and the resulting, bountiful harvests to community organizations. 

Judie Lyn Smith lives her credo, Justice for all…All the time!

Judie asks for your vote so that she may continue her work.

  • 30+ Years of Trial and Appellate Experience
  • 30+ Years of Multicultural Awareness/Understanding
  • 18+ Years of Serving the Underserved as An Assistant Public Defender
  • 20+ Years of Giving Back to Her Community